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PC Chef Meal Kit: my first experience

If you follow my blog, you already know I’m a Good Food subscriber. We’ve been receiving their meal kit boxes for four years now and therefore, it’s part of our daily cooking life. Last week we didn’t receive our kit as scheduled and we couldn’t contact their customer service because – even though we were […]

My sunglasses for this Fall

You guys already know I love sunglasses and that I collect them. So how excited I was when Marsquest invited me to test one of their styles! And, of course, as you would expect from me, I chose a colourful one! First of all, let’s talk about their goal: as a Toronto-based company, it carries […]

We tried a frozen keto pizza

As I said, I’ve spent my last week almost entirely in bed because of a horrible back pain. So on Sunday, as we had nothing left in the fridge, hubby passed by the grocery store to get us a pizza. To my surprise, he came back with a keto pizza for us to try! Disclaimer: […]

I bought an Air Fryer and these are my first impressions

We don’t deep fry anything at home. It’s a successful health rule we have. The logic is very simple: we don’t like to privy ourselves from anything but we try to balance our diet the most as we can. We don’t fry at home, but if we want to eat anything fried at a restaurant, […]

Don’t waste your time on this nasty book

#Girlboss, from Sophia Amoruso, has been around for many years now and I read mixed reviews about it. Some people love it, some people hate it. I aways thought I would be on the hate-team but it was about time to read it and finally have an opinion on it. After reading it, yeah, I […]

One month using Riversol products: my honest review

A month ago, Riversol PR reached out to me to offer to test their products. I didn’t pay for the products I’m gonna talk about on this post and I may be rewarded if you purchase them based on my review. However, I guarantee you that all the opinions expressed here are legit. I usually […]

I found the best mug for coffee (and tea) lovers

I love coffee, but I love hot coffee. To be more precise, I love coffee at the perfect temperature. And this was always a problem for me. As I like to enjoy my coffee slowly it always gets cold before I end it. What I used to do was warm it up many times during […]

I’m currently loving

I’m starting a new series here on the blog to tell you about the products I’m currently enjoying most. Maybe I’ll write posts like this once a month or bi-weekly. We’ll see. For this post I’m sharing my experience with three of my favorites products I’m using nowadays. Riversol Lightweight Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Click here […]

O que tenho assistido no Netflix (e outros meios)

Acho que já faz um mês que não faço um update sobre o que ando assistindo. O grande problema é escolher uma entre duas séries para listar como a minha favorita do momento. Então vamos combinar assim: as duas primeiras desta lista estão empatadas, ok? Castle Rock Não estou assistindo no Netflix e sim no […]