One month using Riversol products: my honest review

A month ago, Riversol PR reached out to me to offer to test their products. I didn’t pay for the products I’m gonna talk about on this post and I may be rewarded if you purchase them based on my review. However, I guarantee you that all the opinions expressed here are legit.

I usually get nervous when I have to review a product, especially beauty products with no instant effects. I try to analyze every little aspect of it and even take notes day by day so I can remember my journey.

That being said, the Riversol products I got were the easiest to review. First of all because most of them were really instantly great and second: I got clear results.

Anti-Aging Trio (plus Lightweight Sunscreen)

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The kit they sent me (Anti-Aging Trio) came with 3 items: Daily Moisturizing Cream, Hydrating Cream Cleanser and Anti-aging Reparative Serum. They also sent me the Lightweight Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. It could be overwhelming if they didn’t send a guide in the box.


Yes, they sent a brief “guide” not just explaining what each product is for but with instructions on how to use them.

So I just had to follow the steps, which was a relief for me since I’m not the most organized girl or a beauty guru used to a 385 steps beauty routine.

For the first 7 nights I cleaned my face with the cleanser and used a little moisturizing cream, then I started to incorporate the reparative serum. Easy-peasy.

Riversol Hydrating Cream Cleanser

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I started to use the Hydrating Cream Cleanser every night before sleep. I took most of my makeup off with a wet cloth and then finished with this product.

I could instantly feel my skin cleaner but not dry, as if I didn’t wear makeup all day but had moisturized my face.

It was a bit of a surprise the way I liked this product because, let’s face it: cleansers are the most boring face products ever! They don’t add any sensation to our beauty routine like any functional cream, they just clean! Yet I love how my face gets clean with this product.

I didn’t have any allergic reaction to this.

Daily Moisturizing Cream

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Moisturizing is fun! I love to apply some fancy cream on my face and feel like a million bucks.

So I have to advise you not to get too excited about this product, at least in the beginning. It has no smell or color. But when you put it on your face you get it. It does its job!

It’s a pleasure to instantly feel your skin more hydrated and sleeping after applying it is a pleasure. Best yet is to wake up the next day feeling like you didn’t sleep in an air conditioned bedroom.

I also like its consistency, it’s light, as if it’s almost a lotion, and it’s not greasy at all. I can apply it right before my makeup because my skin absorbs it fast. People who don’t like the scent of beauty products are gonna love this one.

Anti-aging Reparative Serum

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This is the hardest product to review since I need more time to have a final opinion.

What I can say is I feel my skin tithing over time. Especially because I’m in one of those periods between botox applications when the skin is getting back to normal (aka wrinkled). I think this product helped me to maintain my eye area younger.

About the rest of the face I have to test longer, especially because my skin has a lot of sun damage and I’m really interested in getting rid of them. Overall I do feel better now and I’m more comfortable when I’m without makeup.

Lightweight Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

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My favourite product from the kit. And my favourite sunscreen ever!

I already reviewed this sunscreen on this post and I can’t say enough about how great it is!

First of all, I have to say I’ve been looking for a good sunscreen since last summer. I tried some brands but they gave me breakouts or were really uncomfortable because of the thickness of the formula. Some even tinted my face in white!

So the first surprise from this product was the color. It’s lightly tinted and works almost as a BB Cream (not because of the properties, but the look on my face), being perfect for days when I don’t like to wear full coverage foundation.

Since I got this, I’ve been using it EVERY DAY.

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