☐ Achieve your fitness goals.

☐ Transform your relationship with your body.

☐ Eat better (while truly enjoying it).

☐ Find motivation to work out.

☐ Alter negative habits.

☐ Reach your peak performance.

☐ Feel confident in your body, mind, and attitude.

☐ Strengthen your relationships.

☐ Become “that woman.”

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Hi, I’m Luciana. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Yoga Instructor dedicated to helping women uncover the best time of their lives.

Being in my 40s myself, I’ve always been taken aback when I hear someone talk as if their golden years were behind them. This perspective feels so distant from my reality, as I genuinely believe I’m living my best life now!

We did our growing in our 20s, conquered numerous challenges in our 30s, and now we are at this amazing juncture in our lives where we can finally exude the confidence to embrace our true selves.

I offer my services in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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The Luciana Wellness Method

I truly believe in continuous and unwavering personal development, embracing a healthy lifestyle that paves the way for our optimal body and mind.

Drawing from my core beliefs and past experiences, I introduced the Luciana Wellness Method—a comprehensive 360-degree approach to wellness that encompasses physical activities, proper nutrition, and mindfulness.

This journey isn’t about sacrifices and abstinence. Instead, it revolves around understanding our unique personalities and harnessing that self-awareness to achieve whatever we set our minds to.

Are you ready to embark on the best phase of your life?

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I’ve Got You Covered!

You’ll have everything you need for success at your fingertips. Through my app, you’ll gain access to exclusive workouts, tailored meal plans, personalized support, and much more. Conveniently track your diet and habits within the app and receive feedback on your progress.

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What to Expect from This Meeting?

✓ Gain a clear understanding of what’s preventing you from achieving your goals.
✓ Familiarize yourself with me and my working style.
✓ Receive basic tips on how to attain your goals.

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How does The Luciana Wellness Method work?

The Luciana Wellness Methods is an exclusive method created by me, based on my personal and professional experiences, that works on different areas of the client’s life. It’s a 360º approach to health and fitness that will improve your body and mind.

Who is the best candidate to The Method?

Any woman who has chosen to live a healthy and balanced life that need plan and guidance to reach their ambitious goals. If you, like me, believe that the best time of your life is yet to come, you’re at the right place!

Is The Method a workout program?

More than that. As part of the Method, the client receive daily personalized workouts, based on their own goals, personality and needs. It’s not a one-fits-all program. It’s a personal training service.

Is The Method a nutrition plan?

Much more than that! The client will receive a macro nutrients plan tailored to their goals/needs. It means, they will not be told what to eat, but will have a guide on how to make better choices and hit their goals. Besides, the client can track their food intake inside the exclusive app, witch will me monitored by me so they can get feedback and insights for better results.

How does the coaching work?

Inside the exclusive app, the client has access to a direct messaging channeland will receive feedback, guidance and insights from me. The client can also message me questions so I can help them to achieve their goals. I answer all the messages in within 1 business day (9am – 5pm EST Mon-Fri).

How do you build the best plan for me?

When you subscribe, you’ll have to fill a form with information that will guide me to build your exclusive plan. Often, I’ll communicate directly with you asking a few more questions so I can be sure you will get the best resources for your success.

How much will I need to sacrifice in order to follow The Method?

That’s the beauty of the exclusive method I created: I do believe big changes come from small steps and the client is encouraged to start slowly towards bigger goals. I don’t wanna force you into an extreme regimen that will make you loose a lot of weight quickly to gain all back (and some more) right after. I wanna change your life so you can feel amazingand remember me for years to come 🥰.

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