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I’m starting a new series here on the blog to tell you about the products I’m currently enjoying most. Maybe I’ll write posts like this once a month or bi-weekly. We’ll see.

For this post I’m sharing my experience with three of my favorites products I’m using nowadays.

Riversol Lightweight Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

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I received this sunscreen as part of a PR package Riversol sent to me. I haven’t written about it yet because I’m testing the products for a longer time before making a review for them. But I already fell in love with this sunscreen.


First of all, I have to say I’ve been looking for a good sunscreen since last summer. I tried some brands but they gave me breakouts or were really uncomfortable because of the thickness of the formula. Some even tinted my face in white!

So the first surprise from this product was the color. It’s lightly tinted and works almost as a BB Cream (not because of the properties, but the look on my face), which is perfect for summer, when I don’t like to wear full coverage foundation.


It’s really sheer (as said on the package) so it’s comfortable to wear even on the hottest days of the summer. I don’t feel like I have anything on my face.

Bonus: it’s fragrance free. Raise your hand if you hate scented products on your face ?

I’ve been wearing this sunscreen for almost two weeks now and had no breakouts, so I think I have a winner.

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Grace & Stella Rescue My Hair Mask

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I discovered the Grace & Stella Rescue My Hair Mask by luck. Do you know when you want to buy something on Amazon but have to find another one to reach the Prime free-shipping price? Well, that was the case. And I remembered I had to buy a bonding mask for my hair and did basic research.

I chose it because it had a good price and the reviews were good. I thought I could use it until I finally buy a “good bonding mask” for my blonde hair. Now I think I’m gonna be using it for a while!


It surprised me that it has an excellent quality with such low cost. I use it as the directions on the package once a week and it has helped me to maintain my hair hydrated and smooth.

I have a huge problem because I go to the gym almost everyday and until now I couldn’t find a dry shampoo that could actually clean my hair. So I have to wash it EVERYDAY and I know it’s not good for platinum dyed hair. Now I use this mask every Monday and voila, my hair is perfect!

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Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

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I had never heard of Brazilian Bum Bum Cream until it came in my FabFitFun Summer Box. And when I read the description I thought “boy, you’re smug!”. It claims “to help tight and smooth the skin like no other”.

I started to use it more because of the guaraná smell. It’s I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! But after about a month of using it almost everyday I started to notice my buttocks skin really tightened and smoother. I’m so impressed with the results that I decided I’m gonna buy this product after this one I got for free.

They say the “magic” is on the guaraná extract, which can accelerate cells’ metabolism and help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. For me, it works!

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