Ember Mug: my one year experience

I have a big problem with coffee: it can take me hours to drink a cup! And yes that’s a problem because coffee can get cold pretty fast and… ugh… I hate cold coffee!

Thank God a year ago I found @ember mug, a smart mug that maintains your coffee (or tea, or whatever you want) at the exact temperature you want. It’s different than mug warmers because it’s not a device that it’s gonna heat your mug, it actually maintains the temperature, with no ups and downs.

You want your coffee at 63ºF? No problem! Your tea att 61ºF? No problem either way! You can have different presets for different beverages that you control from their app.

As I said I’ve been used mine for more than a year now and it’s my best friend. I have its charger base beside me so I can place my mug there and forget about it. It never goes out of charge if it’s on its base.

If I wanna walk around with my coffee, I don’t have to worry either as the battery runs for about 1 hour before I need to charge it again.


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