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A day in Paris, Ontario

Paris is a city of 15,000 inhabitants located 110 kilometers from Toronto, on the banks of the Grand River. The name does not come from any resemblance to the French capital, but because a large reserve of gypsum was found here, which is also called Plaster of Paris. And speaking of building materials, the city […]

We went to an authentic Polish restaurant in Toronto

We went to Café Polonez, considered one of the best places in Toronto to get authentic Polish food, to see if we would like its food. It’s a very simple place, but we saw people speaking in a language that seems to be Polish to me. And when we come to an ethnic place and […]

Our brunch at Baro Toronto

In a country as multicultural as Canada, it’s no wonder that everything gets mixed up. And the most obvious proof is the multi-cultural restaurants spread across the city. The world knows “fusion cuisine”, but perhaps only in Canada we find the “Canada + My roots” cuisine. In Canada, foreign flavors have found fertile ground to […]