I bought an Air Fryer and these are my first impressions

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders

We don’t deep fry anything at home. It’s a successful health rule we have.

The logic is very simple: we don’t like to privy ourselves from anything but we try to balance our diet the most as we can. We don’t fry at home, but if we want to eat anything fried at a restaurant, we go for it. If we don’t do it at home, we don’t eat it too often.

I have to confess for a long time I had some kind of prejudice about air fryer gadgets. I thought we didn’t need one simply because we don’t make fried food at home. Period.

But it seems everybody has one nowadays and everybody loves their air fryers. There are recipes all over Pinterest and I started to feel as if I was not invited to a really fun party.


So we bought one. Not just that. We bought a big one!

After doing some research on Amazon we decided to buy the Big Boss Air Fryer mainly for two reasons: 1) you can cook two things separately at the same time and 2) it’s transparent and hubby and I are like dogs watching food, lol.

The first thing we prepared were actually two: chicken tenders and french fries. Two simple recipes to test if this gadget can do what it promises: make anything delicious only because it’s fried.

I only had chicken breast at home (I know, boring) so I cut it in stripes, seasoned only with salt, passed it by all purpose flour, then egg, then breadcrumb with cayenne pepper and salt.

I got some frozen fries from the freezer, drizzled with olive oil and added salt and pepper.

I placed everything in the air fryer and set it to 375ºF. After 10 minutes we checked and things looked as going to the right direction. 5 more minutes and the fries were done. 10 minutes later the chicken stripes were done too.

I can summarize saying: it works! The fries were cooked perfectly, cripy outside and soft inside. The chicken, my main surprise, was very crispy as well.

I have to say it is drier than if it was deep fried. Like when you bite you kind of expect some oil at the end and in this case you can’t feel it. It can be a good thing or a bad thing, it depends if you enjoy the oil feeling.

Besides, I used chicken breast, I’m pretty sure it would be more oily if I cooked some other fat meat, like chicken thighs for example.

We are very satisfied with our purchase and plan to use it for other recipes in the near future. There are a lot of things I don’t cook at home because of the “no fry at home rule”, like milanesas and onion rings. It’s time to explore Pinterest recipes!

The only downside for us is the size of the big boss. It’s really big, lol. I don’t wanna have it on my countertop and it fits only on the top shelf of our cabinet, which makes it a little inconvenient.

Stay tuned to see how our air fryer love story unfolds and to learn some fun (and delicious) recipes I wanna try next.

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders


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