Hi, I’m Luciana, an introvert with a blog. Yes, introverts can be bloggers, despite being hard to put ourselves out there sometimes. Creating content is a passion that brings me a lot of joy and helps me to challenge myself to express my ideas.

If you’re an introvert you can relate: I love to try new experiences and I want to inspire the rest of the world to try them too, but sometimes I have to deal with my self doubts and shyness to do what I love the most: creating content.

I have so many passions in life and I just want to share them. You would rather see me taking photos around the city (of things nobody cares about) or reading a book than faking smiles surrounded by other “influencers”.

I created my own clothing store a year ago because 1) I love clothes and 2) I think it’s hard to find pieces I love in regular stores sometimes.

Feel free to reach out to me if you’re curious about my blog or if you want to tell me more about you and how I can help you with my content.

Please consider visiting my store and supporting my small business.

One thought on “Nice to meet you!

  1. Luisa says:

    Bom dia Luciana,
    Sou super fã do seu canal. Esse ano fui para Toronto com a minha família e usei suas dicas do vlog. Já me sentia em casa antes mesmo de chegar.
    Vi um dos seus vlogs sobre o apto que vc alugou para os seus sogros e que iria colocar o link desse apto.
    Teria como me fazer a gentileza de me mandar?
    Voltarei ano que vem e gostaria de alugar um apto. Como vc disse que aprovou iria pesquisa lo.
    Muito obrigada,
    Luisa Araujo

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