I found the best mug for coffee (and tea) lovers


I love coffee, but I love hot coffee. To be more precise, I love coffee at the perfect temperature. And this was always a problem for me.

As I like to enjoy my coffee slowly it always gets cold before I end it. What I used to do was warm it up many times during the day in the microwave. What a miserable life! lol


Then my husband discovered Ember, a smart mug that maintains its temperature stable. No, it doesn’t keep heating the beverage like some supports I already tried. It MAINTAINS the temperature. All the time.

To be more specific, you select your choice of temperature and the mug does its job. You can even have different presets for different beverages you drink (coffee, tea, cappuccino, late, etc.). And it’s true, there’s a perfect temperature for each beverage.

You can use the preloaded presets or create your own ones. You can even use it as a timer for tea.

You can control the presets and other settings from the Ember app. By the way, you don’t even need to look if the temperature is ok. The mug sends a message to your phone or smart watch warning you your beverage is ready.

It comes with an elegant dock charger. If you place your mug on the dock while you’re drinking, the battery is not consumed and you have the perfect temperature all day long. If you don’t place your mug on the charger, the battery will last between one and two hours (depending on the temperature you chose).

The only issue I’ve had so far is that I’m spoiled now. I don’t want to drink hot coffee outside home because it’s not perfect as it is in my mug (serious!). I was considering having Ember on my purse so I could use it at coffee shops, but my husband convinced me it would be weird. I don’t know, I think I’m gonna try it someday.

I’ve been using the Ember Mug for three weeks now and I’m in love with it. It’s not cheap ($80 in the US and CAD115 in Canada) but it’s worth it, especially if you don’t like to rush with your coffee. It solved my problem so I’m glad.

I got mine at Starbucks, but here in Canada you can find it at the Apple Store as well (although they offer only the black one there and I wanted the white). If you’re in the States you can buy it from other places like Bloomingdale’s. There are two models: the table mug like mine and the travel mug, more suitable for people who want to have their coffee on the way to work.


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