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Currently loving: Palm Dress

SHOP THE DRESS I’m so ready for Spring! Is there any better dress to celebrate this season than a palm print dress? Of course not! This piece is light and at the same time has ruffles sleeves making it a little more structured on the shoulder. It’s perfect for many occasions: ?Brunch?Shopping?Lunch Date?Taco Tuesdays☕️Coffee with […]

Teddy Bear Sweater

BUY THE SAME SWEATER I WORE Fall shouldn’t be called “fall” but “comfy season”, right? What else do you want from this time of the year? I’m wearing a lot of cozy and comfy clothes nowadays and this is reflecting on my boutique inventory. Following the style I like and the feedback I’m receiving, I’m […]

What I wore: My go-to outfit this fall

I think the title of this post shouldn’t start with “what I wore” but “what I’m wearing”. Almost everyday to be honest, lol. The thing is: this is my go-to outfit this fall and I’m gonna explain to you why. It’s simple: I can wear it on any casual day for almost any activity. I […]

What I wore: a perfect dress for Fall/Winter

What I like most about fall is that we can gravitate between two seasons and get the best out of each of them. We can show some skin as if it was summer yet can wear heavier cozy materials. Last Saturday night I wore this dress from my shop for a date night with my […]

What I wore: time for an iced tea

Some say the summer is almost over. I say let’s get out and enjoy the sun! The temperatures are still very warm here in Toronto (except in the early mornings) and my goal is to not waste any sun ray this season. If you wanna find me, you have to walk around the city! And […]

What I wore: Ruffle Dress

Are you tired of hearing me say that I’m super excited about summer? Probably so, but what can I do if I don’t get tired of talking about being over-excited about summer? The last weekend was a typical summer day, with temperatures reaching 27 ° C (80 ° F). Saturday was a great day to […]