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Leopard print from morning to all night long

I can’t get enough of this leopard blouse! I’ve been wearing it at least once a week this season. I know animal print can be intimidating sometimes but as this piece can be worn in a variety of styles (casual, formal, chic…) it’s easy to compose any look we want. I love the combination with […]

What I wore: My go-to outfit this fall

I think the title of this post shouldn’t start with “what I wore” but “what I’m wearing”. Almost everyday to be honest, lol. The thing is: this is my go-to outfit this fall and I’m gonna explain to you why. It’s simple: I can wear it on any casual day for almost any activity. I […]

What I wore: Floral skirt with velvet blouse

Don’t tell me summer is ending. I can still feel the warm weather and, more than that, I can’t get over it, not yet! Last Saturday I had a date night with my husband and I chose to wear a skirt that I don’t have much opportunity to do so. I love it but the […]

O que estou usando: Sexta-feira branca

Sexta-feira, dia de trabalhar menos por aqui e já começar a se preparar para o fim de semana! Hoje eu optei por uma blusa branca com corte assimétrico e shorts jeans (os dois da minha loja). Para os pés escolhi umas sandálias da Ardene que você verá muito comigo durante todo o verão. Os brincos […]