What I like most about fall is that we can gravitate between two seasons and get the best out of each of them. We can show some skin as if it was summer yet can wear heavier cozy materials.

Last Saturday night I wore this dress from my shop for a date night with my hubby.


This piece is maybe my favorite from this collection. First of all because it’s a dress that I can use in cold weather. I love dresses (I have tons), but living in Toronto, I don’t have too many opportunities to use them. That’s why I decided to have some fall/winter dresses in my wardrobe this year.

I don’t know if it’s clear on my photo, but I wore it with a black cami below. I could use nothing, but I think this way I didn’t have to worry too much about showing off too much skin. Actually you can have fun choosing what to wear below it. I’m sure it would be gorgeous with a lace detailed camisole!

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