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Playing with bright colours

How about playing with some colours? If you want to wear two bright (aka bold) colours but you’re afraid of them, you can combine two complementary colours, like yellow + orange, for example. I love the combination of this basic tee with this gorgeous mini-skirt. Although this is a shape fitting outfit, it’s very comfortable […]

Animal print times

Some years ago animal prints were worn in formal attire only. Thank God things changed and nowadays we can wear them in a variety of outfits, even in the most casual ones. That’s why I love this leopard print blouse from my boutique so much: it’s made from a breathable fabric that gives a casual […]

Let’s celebrate every Spring milestone

Ok, it’s not a regular Spring, but IT IS Spring. I’m glad the temperatures are getting higher even if we can’t walk around at this time. At least I can fully enjoy those rare outside moments. Coming out from Winter to Spring is kind of a process and I like to celebrate all the milestones. […]

Doing the best we can this Spring

We’re saying good-bye to winter (for good!) and welcoming spring. I know this spring is not being what we expected but let’s do the best we can. As I have this need to get dressed sometimes it can be frustrating not having where to go. So I choose nice pieces, put some makeup on and […]

What I Wore: Spring is Here!

SHOP MY LOOK I feel like I’ve been waiting for this Spring forever. When you work on fashion it’s like “living in the future” because we’re always thinking ahead. Since last year I’ve been working hard to prepare the store for Spring/Summer 2020 but then Covid-19 happened. We’re trying to do the best we can […]

What I wore: Winter in the Park

SHOP THE OUTFIT Winter sometimes can be pretty boring. The cold can prevent us from dressing well or even taking pictures. I’m glad this year we’re having some “good days” in the Winter and we can walk on the park and have some outdoor life to change. I wear these snake print pants a lot […]

Currently loving: Palm Dress

SHOP THE DRESS I’m so ready for Spring! Is there any better dress to celebrate this season than a palm print dress? Of course not! This piece is light and at the same time has ruffles sleeves making it a little more structured on the shoulder. It’s perfect for many occasions: ?Brunch?Shopping?Lunch Date?Taco Tuesdays☕️Coffee with […]

What I wore: romantic coffee time

SHOP THE OUTFIT The weather is finally getting warmer here in Toronto and I can start to wear the pieces from the Spring Collection more. One of my favourites is the Ivory Dream Top, which mixes three current trends: lace, ruffles and beads. It’s light and romantic, which makes it perfect for a lot of […]

What I wore: sunset at the Marina

SHOP THE LOOK I know marinas are not the place where you stroll during the Winter, but as I live in front of one, it’s a place where I go all year round. Especially at sunset because the light there is fantastic! For this walk I wore my snake print pants (selling like water in […]

What I wore: walking the dog

BUY THE OUTFIT Spring is not here yet but we can start to dream about it ?. When the sun is up I get my dog and go for a stroll. And on that particular Sunday the temperatures were up and I wore my favourite skirt. It’s bright, it’s fit and very comfy. You’ll see […]