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Animal print times

Some years ago animal prints were worn in formal attire only. Thank God things changed and nowadays we can wear them in a variety of outfits, even in the most casual ones. That’s why I love this leopard print blouse from my boutique so much: it’s made from a breathable fabric that gives a casual […]

Transitioning from Winter to Spring

Spring has its weird days when it’s sunny but not quite warm yet. You don’t feel like wearing sweaters and coats but you can’t just put on some shorts and a tee. What I usually do is choose warm clothes but in brighter color or spring-sh motive. For this outfit I opted for my flower […]

What I wore: time for an iced tea

Some say the summer is almost over. I say let’s get out and enjoy the sun! The temperatures are still very warm here in Toronto (except in the early mornings) and my goal is to not waste any sun ray this season. If you wanna find me, you have to walk around the city! And […]