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How to wear snake prints and still be basic

Snake Print can be very basic. I swear it! I know many people are afraid of animal print but since they’ve been trending for a while (and don’t look like they are going anywhere) we can say you can build a basic look wearing these prints. My first tip would be: if you think animal […]

Playing with bright colours

How about playing with some colours? If you want to wear two bright (aka bold) colours but you’re afraid of them, you can combine two complementary colours, like yellow + orange, for example. I love the combination of this basic tee with this gorgeous mini-skirt. Although this is a shape fitting outfit, it’s very comfortable […]

Let’s play with colours and prints

Summer is the best time to play with colours. And also prints! But, of course, we can’t forget to be comfortable and to wear breathable clothes. What I like about the top I’m wearing in these photos is that it shapes my body, but at the same time, it’s made of 95% cotton witch is […]

Summer stripes

We have to feel comfortable in every season, but you may agree with me that in summer this is even more important. We love the warm weather but hate to feel like the clothes are weighing on us. That’s why I love this dress so much! It’s super light weight and breathable. It’s also a […]

Here are the details that make all the difference

I always say that the basics don’t have to be boring! And here’s my tip on how to transform a super boring outfit into something remarkable: add some colour! When I put this look together I was not sure about it because there’s nothing special about a black tee with jeans, right? Even after coordinating […]

Play with balance this summer

I always talk about balance. Especially the balance between the top and bottom of an outfit. Well, summer is the best time to play with that concept as you can wear bulky pieces without worrying about covering them with a jacket or a coat. It’s definitely easier! So I invite you to try combinations like […]

A classic print for a stylish summer

What better print to represent summer than palm leaf print? It’s a very easy print to wear. First of all because it a simple one, in general featuring only two contrasting colours. That makes pairing it with other pieces and accessories easier. It’s also a safe choice if you want to step a little further […]

You can wear black in Summer

Who said you can’t wear black in Summer? Yeah, I know, a lot of people! But let’s have a real talk: you CAN wear black in Summer! Maybe it’s not the time to wear a black heavy fabric bodycon dress, but you can definitely put a flowing black dress on. And if you’re not sure, […]