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#OOTD Bye bye Summer

Summer is almost over but I refuse to wear fall clothes just yet. Let me enjoy colour and flowers a little more! I found out these floral pants (from my shop, of course) are perfect for this transitioning period as they’re light and yet help us to embrace the frequently chilly wind we experience here […]

A little step further in casual style

Are you afraid to take your outfits a little step further? A good way to do so is pairing a simple print with a plain piece. In this example I’m wearing a very subtle snake print with a natural cotton top. The result is a safe outfit yet far from being boring. SHOP THE LOOK

Lace the summer up!

Black is always a safe colour, even in spring and summer. Especially if we’re talking about a trendy piece, like a ruffled lace top. This type of blouse is everywhere right now and wearing it in black is the easiest choice if you’re intimidated by the lace trend. You can wear it with a pair […]

Let’s celebrate every Spring milestone

Ok, it’s not a regular Spring, but IT IS Spring. I’m glad the temperatures are getting higher even if we can’t walk around at this time. At least I can fully enjoy those rare outside moments. Coming out from Winter to Spring is kind of a process and I like to celebrate all the milestones. […]

The first shining days of the Spring

We’re in that part of the year we want to wear comfy clothes and enjoy our first sunny days of the year. Unfortunately this year is a little (can I say lot?) different. With this quarantine, the only chances I get to enjoy the sunshine are when I go for a walk with the dog. […]

Everything is gonna be fine

We’re living in hard times. But if you have a comfortable home, food in your pantry and the option of working from home, you can’t complain. I know, we need more to live, we need fresh air, we need fun outdoor activities, we need to meet people for a cup of coffee… so hang in […]

Transitioning from Winter to Spring

Spring has its weird days when it’s sunny but not quite warm yet. You don’t feel like wearing sweaters and coats but you can’t just put on some shorts and a tee. What I usually do is choose warm clothes but in brighter color or spring-sh motive. For this outfit I opted for my flower […]

What I Wore: Spring is Here!

SHOP MY LOOK I feel like I’ve been waiting for this Spring forever. When you work on fashion it’s like “living in the future” because we’re always thinking ahead. Since last year I’ve been working hard to prepare the store for Spring/Summer 2020 but then Covid-19 happened. We’re trying to do the best we can […]

Currently Loving: Yellow mini skirt

BUY THE SAME SKIRT I WORE I started this winter in love with sweaters + leggings but I think I’ll finish it with my mini skirt + high boots. Since this skirt came to the store it is one of the items I wear the most. To be honest, I’ve chosen it thinking about spring […]