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Animal print times

Some years ago animal prints were worn in formal attire only. Thank God things changed and nowadays we can wear them in a variety of outfits, even in the most casual ones. That’s why I love this leopard print blouse from my boutique so much: it’s made from a breathable fabric that gives a casual […]

Let’s celebrate every Spring milestone

Ok, it’s not a regular Spring, but IT IS Spring. I’m glad the temperatures are getting higher even if we can’t walk around at this time. At least I can fully enjoy those rare outside moments. Coming out from Winter to Spring is kind of a process and I like to celebrate all the milestones. […]

Exploring the block with Pleated Skirt + Denim Jacket

BUY THE LOOK Social distancing sucks. And the person (me) who is saying this to you is a classic introvert. To be honest, the worst part is not not meeting people (I kinda like this, lol) but not going out as much as I want. And that made me realize I was wrong about myself. […]