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The most instagramable restaurant in Toronto

I was excited to go to Lov even before it opened. I always passed by King St W and saw the sign saying it would be the most instagramable cafe ever, so how could I resist it? Actually Lov is new in Toronto but there are other locations. It serves vegan food in a pretty […]

Our brunch at Cafe Cancan in Toronto

Some places are perfect for enjoying good food. Some places are perfect for the photo. What about a place where you can have both? Cafe Cancan was a pleasant surprise for us. I heard this place was so beautiful you can’t stop taking photos but the quality of their brunch was far from what I […]

Our brunch at Peter Pan Bistro in Toronto

Last Saturday we went to Peter Pan Bistro for brunch and now we want to go back for dinner because I believe it must be an amazing experience. We discovered it by luck as we were walking on Queen St W looking for a place to have our breakfast. My husband saw the facade and […]

Barcelona Tavern Toronto: O brunch que nos surpreendeu

Às vezes a gente acorda nos fins de semana sem saber o que fazer. Ou melhor, a gente sabe o que quer fazer – tomar café da manhã – mas não sabe onde. Aqui perto tem algumas opções, mas elas se esgotam. Até mesmo porque se resumem a croissants e muffins. E tem dias (para […]

Brunch em Toronto: Experimentamos o do Portland Variety

Eu amo brunch. Sério, eu amo brunch. O brunch foi a melhor invenção para pessoas como eu que adoram um bom prato de comida a qualquer hora do dia, inclusive de manhã. Eu nunca entendi por que a gente não pode acordar e comer logo um bom prato de comida. Sempre tive muito problema com […]

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