We went to Ascari for the second time. You can read our first impressions on this blog post.

But this time was different because, well…, everything is different since this pandemic has started. At least we can enjoy some patios this summer (I was afraid we would lose it this year) and hubby and I are trying to go as many times as we can. First of all, because we miss our weekend brunches and secondly because we feel that’s the best thing we can do to support local businesses and the workers who depend on them.

Their brunch menu is short but I found they curated it very well. You can find different options for different tastes.


To start, I had a cappuccino and, as expected from a nice Italian place, it was delicious. My only complaint is that they serve it in a glass instead of a cup and it’s so uncomfortable to hold because, surprise-surprise, it’s hot! I’ve been seeing this “trend” lately and I have to say I don’t like it at all!

I ordered Uova Benedetto ($18) with two poached eggs, smoked olive oil hollandaise, prosciutto cotto over English muffin, accompanied by baked potatoes. I simply love their hollandaise as I think it’s one of the lighters I ever had in Toronto. Another pleasant detail is the crumble over the potatoes!


Cris chose Colazione Acari ($16) which comes with a choice of 2 sunny-side, scrambled or poached eggs, served with crispy bacon or mild Italian sausage, roasted potato and sourdough. Again, the amazing crumble!


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