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Our brunch at Weslodge Saloon

I can say my husband and I are almost reaching our goal to be experts in Toronto brunches. This summer we went to a lot of places downtown. Last Sunday we ate at the Weslodge Saloon for the first time. We didn’t plan to go there. As we were out of ideas, we decided to […]

Our brunch at Bar Wellington

Summer is for brunch! Ok, all year long is for brunch. Let’s say summer is for patio brunch! And this year we’re on a mission to discover new cool patio brunches in Toronto. Our new discovery is Bar Wellington at Wellington St (of course) & Portland St. We went there last Sunday with our dog […]

How was our brunch at Hunters Landing

Cris and I love a good Sunday brunch. There is something magical about being able to wake up late and eat whatever you want, mixing breakfast and lunch. Last Sunday we went to Hunters Landingin Fort York for the first time. In fact, it’s strange to say that we have lived in the area for almost […]

Brunch em Toronto: Experimentamos o do Portland Variety

Eu amo brunch. Sério, eu amo brunch. O brunch foi a melhor invenção para pessoas como eu que adoram um bom prato de comida a qualquer hora do dia, inclusive de manhã. Eu nunca entendi por que a gente não pode acordar e comer logo um bom prato de comida. Sempre tive muito problema com […]

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