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Put some colour on

If I told you that details make all the difference you’d say I’m not bringing anything new, right? But at least I can show you an example on how to take a little step further without leaving your comfort zone. This outfit is proof that you can add more interest to a piece by only […]

My shorts = best memories Theory

I’d bet you feel the same as me: when the weather warms up we try to wear shorts and mini skirts as much as we can! I have a theory: the best summer memories we have were created while we were wearing shorts! Here’s a tip to elevate your shorts outfit this summer: start putting […]

How to style mini skirts

We love mini skirts in Spring/Summer but they can be intimidating, right? The thing is: as a person who loves to wear them I can say wearing short skirts is easier than you think. And at the end, they can be very versatile as well. Ok, maybe they’re not very appropriate to work, but you […]

Summer is around the corner

Summer is around the corner! And I’ve been preparing my closet for it for a long time. One of my favourite pieces this season is this summer dress from my boutique. It’s unpretentious and very light, two ideal characteristics for a good summer dress. The design is simple and makes the bold print shine. How […]

A little step further in casual style

Are you afraid to take your outfits a little step further? A good way to do so is pairing a simple print with a plain piece. In this example I’m wearing a very subtle snake print with a natural cotton top. The result is a safe outfit yet far from being boring. SHOP THE LOOK

What is smart casual dress code?

The Smart Casual dress code has come to stay. And thank God because it’s one of my favourite dress codes! Why? Because it’s comfortable as a casual dress code but at the same time allows us to communicate our style in a variety of creative ways! If you wanna know exactly what smart dress code […]

I made an easy and delicious brunch at home

Quarantine has changed our lives a lot, but to be honest, for me the biggest impact was on my weekends. As I already work from home, I usually leave my house on Saturdays and Sundays. And if you follow my posts already, you know brunch is our favourite thing to do on weekends and that’s […]

Denim Jacket Lookbook

Denim jackets are a classic. And like the best classics, there’s always space for a little twist: they can be cropped, oversized, long, short… and even embroidered, like the one I have at my store this season. I believe we can always add a little fun to our outfit and embroidered flowers are definitely the […]