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Make Dalgona Coffee in less than 5 minutes

I love iced coffee ❤️ ❄️☕️. And I love “different” coffee techniques. So of course when I saw this whipped coffee popping all over Pinterest I had to try it! And it’s unbelievably simple to make! I bet you already have everything you need in your kitchen and it takes less than 5 minutes to […]

The easiest cheesy bread you can make

Quarantine times bring a mix of new experiences with old safe feelings seeking. We’re trying to do things we have never done before to emulate things we miss. Like fresh bread, for example. And there’s no more comfy bread than cheesy bread, right? There’s something about fresh and warm bread with cheese… you just feel […]

Shrimp Sandwich (Air Fryer super easy recipe)

I’m so in love with my air fryer! We’ve been testing some simple recipes (well, that’s an air fryer mission: to uncomplicate the food preparation right?) and using the “resources” we already have in the fridge. This past week we decided to make shrimp sandwich with a frozen coconut shrimp we had left from some […]

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