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Hey there, my fabulous friend!

I just had to share with you how my day went yesterday. You know how much I believe in the importance of balance for a healthy and happy life, right? So, let me walk you through my day, which had a lovely blend of exercise, nourishment, and self-care. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration in it for your own journey!

My day started, as usual, with a trip to the gym. I tried out a fantastic barbell class that left me feeling empowered and invigorated. There’s nothing like pushing yourself to lift a little heavier or get that extra rep in to kick off your day, right?

After that much-needed workout, I was ready to take on the world. But, of course, no morning is complete without a cup of coffee. With a busy day ahead, I made myself a quick and convenient capsule coffee. The chosen one for the day was Verona from Starbucks – rich, bold, and just the right jolt of energy to start my day right.


Once I was caffeinated, I spent a little time working before stepping out to run some errands. You know how much I adore my soda stream! I had to pick up some CO2 for it because I absolutely love making kombucha at home. If you haven’t tried making your own, I highly recommend it. It’s a fun and healthy way to get some gut-friendly probiotics into your system.

For lunch, I whipped up some delicious chicken drumsticks in my trusty air fryer. Oh, how I love that appliance! I paired the drumsticks with a colorful, refreshing side salad. You know me, always looking for ways to get those greens in. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to make sure we’re fueling our bodies with all the essential nutrients without feeling deprived.

The afternoon was filled with client meetings. I love connecting with others and helping them along their health journey. It’s always so rewarding to see someone light up as they gain new insights and grow stronger, both mentally and physically. During a short break, I had a protein bar as my snack – the perfect portable energy boost that kept me going strong through the rest of my appointments.

In the evening, I took advantage of the pleasant temperature to take my lovely Syrah for a walk. There’s nothing like a gentle stroll with my favorite furry friend to clear my head and get some fresh air. Walking is such a simple, yet effective way to stay active, especially for us women over 40. Plus, it’s excellent for heart health, reducing stress, and improving mood.

For dinner, I decided to get a little creative in the kitchen. I prepared some mouth-watering salmon breaded in cornmeal alongside roasted potatoes. The meal was packed with flavor, nutrients, and that crispy texture I can’t get enough of. Did you know that salmon is an incredible source of omega-3 fatty acids? They’re fantastic for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails – a definite beauty secret worth sharing!

As I settled in for the night, I reflected on how grateful I am for the balance I’ve been able to achieve in my life. It’s a journey, my friend, and I’m so passionate about sharing it with you and others who might need that extra push towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

I hope you find some nuggets of inspiration in my day-to-day. Just remember that balance, in all aspects of life, is the key to feeling vibrant, energetic, and absolutely fabulous. If you ever want to chat or need a little guidance, you know where to find me!

Sending you lots of love and positive energy!


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