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The 8 Limbs of Yoga: A Comprehensive Guide to Holistic Wellness

Yoga isn’t just about striking a perfect pose or achieving incredible flexibility; it is a comprehensive framework for holistic wellness. Rooted in ancient wisdom, Yoga offers an eight-fold path known as the “Ashtanga,” meaning “eight limbs” in Sanskrit. This ancient guide is relevant even today, offering valuable insights for anyone looking to balance their mind, […]

Becoming the Best Version of You: A Guide to Wellness and Fitness After 40

Hello, my beautiful friend! Let me start with a confession – I am not your average health coach. There’s a unique approach I follow that comes straight from my heart, my experiences, and oh yes, my relentless love for scientific data. Today, I’d like to take you on a journey where you will discover the […]

A Busy Schedule is not an excuse for not being active

Hey there, gorgeous! Yes, you, staring at the screen, managing your ever-expanding list of tasks, feeling the omnipresent urge to tick off all the boxes. But wait! Before you plunge into the next commitment, let’s take a pause. Why, you ask? Because it’s high time we had a friendly chit-chat about how you can stay […]

Unleashing Your Inner Hotness: Embrace Your Power After 40

Hey beautiful! If you’re reading this, you’re on a quest for feeling fabulous, fierce, and fiery-hot. I see you and I believe in you. You’re in your 40s and beyond, not just surviving but thriving! Here we’ll dive into the wonder of what it means to feel hot after 40, with the wisdom you’ve gathered […]

Simple Ways to Jiggle, Juggle, and Just Generally Move More Throughout Your Day

Hey, gorgeous! It’s so wonderful to catch up with you again. Today, we’re going to let loose, shake it up, and discover how we can sneak in a little extra movement to sprinkle our daily lives with energy and spice! Remember, we’re not about the strict diets or gruelling gym routines around here. We’re about […]