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We made Chinese fondue (hot pot) at home

We’re all about fondue right now (ok, about air fryer recipes too, lol). Since we bought our electric fondue set, we’ve been preparing fondue at least once a week. Yep, once a week. It’s our new tradition: every Sunday night we have cheese fondue and now and then we have other types. The fondue set […]

Transitioning from Winter to Spring

Spring has its weird days when it’s sunny but not quite warm yet. You don’t feel like wearing sweaters and coats but you can’t just put on some shorts and a tee. What I usually do is choose warm clothes but in brighter color or spring-sh motive. For this outfit I opted for my flower […]

Waiting for the real Spring to come

BUY THE LOOK What a crazy Spring! And I’m not saying that because of the low temperatures (I got used to Toronto weather) but because of this whole social distancing that sometimes looks endless. Our routine so far is walking the dog around our block early in the morning, doing some exercises at home, working, […]

This Nutella Bread is so delicious and easy to make

Being at home due to the quarantine is not the easiest thing to do, but we can, at least, make it sweeter, right? Nutella can be the best remedy for a boring day stuck at home! So today I’m sharing an easy Nutella Bread recipe I learned from Gemma Stafford, my favourite bakery youtuber. She […]

Stay Home and smile

BUY THE DRESS Life is so different right now. Being at home can be fun sometimes, but in the afternoon it is inevitable to feel stuck. I would like to be on the balcony all day long, but here in Toronto the temperatures are rising slowly. Sometimes we get a 10ºC and it’s time to […]

I bought an Air Fryer and these are my first impressions

We don’t deep fry anything at home. It’s a successful health rule we have. The logic is very simple: we don’t like to privy ourselves from anything but we try to balance our diet the most as we can. We don’t fry at home, but if we want to eat anything fried at a restaurant, […]

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