How was our brunch at Hunters Landing


Cris and I love a good Sunday brunch. There is something magical about being able to wake up late and eat whatever you want, mixing breakfast and lunch.

Last Sunday we went to Hunters Landingin Fort York for the first time. In fact, it’s strange to say that we have lived in the area for almost two years and that was our fist time there. But finally, better late than never.


First, a little context: It was a very hot day, so much so that we received some AccuWeather warnings to be careful when going out. I think the humid weather eventually convinced a lot of people not to leave home because the streets were emptier than usual.

So we opted for an indoor table (with air conditioning!) instead of staying on the patio. Whenever we pass by there, especially in the summer, this restaurant is usually packed, but last Sunday we had several sitting options to choose from. Next time I want to sit on the patio because 1) is beautiful and 2) is dog friendly.


We ordered a platter of cold cuts, cheese, breads and fruits ($ 26) to share. Our idea was to eat something not too exaggerated because it was already 2 pm. We really wanted something to eat slowly while talking.

To pair the food we ordered a sangria pitch ($ 40). You may not believe it, but it was the first time I had sangria in my life! I must confess that I had a little prejudice about any wine mix, especially with ice.

Hunters Landing Sangria

But it was so hot that the idea of ​​a cold red wine with fruit seemed interesting to me.

And I loved it!

So much so that I’ve been browsing around Pinterest selecting some recipes to make at home. Obviously, I’ll tell you everything here on the blog ?.


Obviously a pitch was too much for both of us, but on Sundays you get $ 10 off and we thought “why not?”. So our platter was over when our pitch was not even half empty yet.

To continue our afternoon of sangria, we ordered one more dish to share: a serving of squids ($ 14).

After our brunch / afternoon snack / appetizer we were wondering why we hadn’t gone there yet, but I think we’ll fix this by coming back more often this summer. In fact, now I’m curious to taste their dinner menu.


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