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A Day in My Life as a Health and Wellness Coach (VLOG)

A Busy Schedule is not an excuse for not being active

Hey there, gorgeous! Yes, you, staring at the screen, managing your ever-expanding list of tasks, feeling the omnipresent urge to tick off all the boxes. But wait! Before you plunge into the next commitment, let’s take a pause. Why, you ask? Because it’s high time we had a friendly chit-chat about how you can stay […]

Unleashing Your Inner Hotness: Embrace Your Power After 40

Hey beautiful! If you’re reading this, you’re on a quest for feeling fabulous, fierce, and fiery-hot. I see you and I believe in you. You’re in your 40s and beyond, not just surviving but thriving! Here we’ll dive into the wonder of what it means to feel hot after 40, with the wisdom you’ve gathered […]