A Busy Schedule is not an excuse for not being active

Hey there, gorgeous! Yes, you, staring at the screen, managing your ever-expanding list of tasks, feeling the omnipresent urge to tick off all the boxes. But wait! Before you plunge into the next commitment, let’s take a pause. Why, you ask? Because it’s high time we had a friendly chit-chat about how you can stay active and fit even amidst the beautiful whirlwind we lovingly call life.

But first, allow me to remind you: I’m your confidante first, then your health coach. Expect no lifeless jargon or unrelatable advice. Instead, I’ll share science-backed advice enveloped in playful metaphors and personal anecdotes – just the way friends do!

You’re the Star of Your Life’s Show!

Oh, those carefree childhood days! Remember when you’d tie a cape around your neck, utterly convinced you could conquer anything? Well, darling, let me share a secret – you still can! However, you’ve somehow lost track of that youthful spirit while juggling between being a mom, a professional, a partner, a friend, and so much more. You’ve been selflessly putting everyone and everything else before yourself. But it’s high time you dusted off your cape and returned to being the superwoman you always were!


Trust me, those lovely wrinkles and proud stretch marks are nothing but proof of the battles you’ve won. They are symbols of your strength and resilience. You are the radiant moon lighting up everyone else’s world, but remember, to shine for others, you need to glow for yourself first!

Invest in Yourself – Sweat Equity is Real

When I mention physical activities, I can almost hear your sigh. It sounds like another task to squeeze into your chock-full schedule, right? But let’s pause and shift our perspective. Exercising isn’t a duty to be carried out grudgingly. Instead, consider it as an investment – an investment in your health, happiness, and vitality.

Why, you might ask? Well, darling, science supports this claim. Regular physical activity significantly reduces the risk of various chronic illnesses. It helps maintain a healthy body weight, improves mental health, and enhances overall quality of life. Plus, there’s the unbeatable high of feeling confident and invigorated – like a queen who has the world at her fingertips!

Your Priority Pyramid – Health is at the Top

Now, let’s get real. We all have that pile of laundry that seemingly grows on its own, emails that reproduce faster than rabbits, dishes that magically fill up the sink. The reality of these tasks isn’t lost on me. But here’s another truth – these tasks can wait. Your health, however, cannot.

So, here’s my proposition: Let’s reshuffle our to-do lists! Imagine your tasks arranged in the shape of a pyramid. Your health, my lovely friend, should sit right at the top. It’s about taking a mindful approach to your responsibilities, valuing your wellbeing over the noise of endless chores.

Is skipping your workout worth that extra hour of work? Or is the overtime making your body and mind pay the price? Just like Cinderella, you need to take care of yourself before you can look after others.

Consistency – Your New Best Friend

Now, imagine we’re at a dance party. Would you rather cha-cha-cha a little every day or save all your energy for a single tango once a week? My bet is on the cha-cha-cha! The logic is simple: doing 15 minutes of exercise daily is far more beneficial than exhausting yourself for an hour occasionally.

Consistency, my dear friend, is the secret ingredient to the magic potion of fitness. Even with your calendar that’s busier than a beehive, carving out just 15 minutes for yourself daily can make a world of difference. The idea isn’t to transform overnight but to gradually evolve into a healthier, happier you. Consistent, small actions can lead to massive, lasting changes. That’s not just a friendly advice; it’s a science-backed fact!

Active Fun – Find Your Groove

Here comes the pièce de résistance – the fun part! When I say ‘physical activities,’ what comes to mind? A sweaty gym, boring equipment, monotonous workouts? Let’s shake off that image and reimagine ‘physical activities.’

Who said they need to be confined within the rigid structure of a gym? Not me! Physical activities can be as simple as dancing while cooking, chasing your dog in the park, gardening, or even taking a long, romantic walk along the beach. The essence lies in finding something that you absolutely love, something that makes your heart sing and feet dance.

If your chosen activity feels like a chore, darling, it’s not the right fit for you. The goal isn’t to torment yourself but to have fun, let loose, and just be you. You’d be surprised how the extra benefits – a healthier body, increased stamina, reduced stress, and so much more – will sneak in without you even realizing!


So, my radiant friend, it’s time to switch up the tempo and let your health take the spotlight in your life’s orchestra. Your duties and responsibilities may form the rhythm, but your health, your wellbeing, is the melody that makes the symphony whole.

Remember, you are the star of your life’s show. Prioritize yourself, invest in your wellbeing, review your tasks, embrace consistency, and find your joy in physical activities. Transform these words from mere sentences into your daily mantra. You’ll be amazed at the change in the tune of your life – healthier, happier, and more harmonious.

As your health coach and your friend, I am here, cheering you on, ready to provide guidance and support as you embark on this beautiful journey to fitness and fun. After all, health isn’t just about the number on the scale or the size of your dress. It’s about how you feel when you wake up every morning, ready to dance with life!

And darling, let me assure you, life is eager to dance with you too! So put on those dancing shoes, take a deep breath, and step onto the dance floor of health, fitness, and happiness. Because you, my friend, are worth it.


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