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This season needs a pop of colour

How about adding a little fun to your Spring and Summer? That’s the main reason I added this embroidered denim jacket to my store collection. It’s perfect for a pop of colour for any basic outfit. And, of course, can help us with that annoying wind at the end of the day (if you live […]

The easiest way to mix prints

SHOP THE LOOK I have to confess I’m afraid to mix prints sometimes. I know there are people who can master this art and can wear some bold combinations that you’d never thought could work. I’d rather play safe. And for that I’m very careful when I mix patterns. My outfit for today is perfect […]

Beads and ruffles are everything

SHOP THE LOOK How romantic is this top? I’m in love with it and I think it was one of the best additions to the store for this season. It’s lightweight and yet rich in detail: so many beads and ruffles. And you guys know I love ruffles! I paired it with my skinny jeans […]

I love skinny jeans with crop tops

I love skinny jeans because they shape our bodies in such a feminine way. And to complete the look, there’s nothing better than a crop top to make the jeans protagonist. My tip is to wear a top that is not too tight as it can balance the figure. SHOP THE LOOK In this video […]

Animal print times

Some years ago animal prints were worn in formal attire only. Thank God things changed and nowadays we can wear them in a variety of outfits, even in the most casual ones. That’s why I love this leopard print blouse from my boutique so much: it’s made from a breathable fabric that gives a casual […]

The perfect black (yes, black!) dress for Spring/Summer

When I think about Spring/Summer attire I don’t think black is the first colour that comes to my mind. But when I saw this dress for the first time it looked so light that I could imagine myself wearing it on a hot summer day. And it really is light. I love the fabric, it’s […]

Let’s celebrate every Spring milestone

Ok, it’s not a regular Spring, but IT IS Spring. I’m glad the temperatures are getting higher even if we can’t walk around at this time. At least I can fully enjoy those rare outside moments. Coming out from Winter to Spring is kind of a process and I like to celebrate all the milestones. […]

Doing the best we can this Spring

We’re saying good-bye to winter (for good!) and welcoming spring. I know this spring is not being what we expected but let’s do the best we can. As I have this need to get dressed sometimes it can be frustrating not having where to go. So I choose nice pieces, put some makeup on and […]

The first shining days of the Spring

We’re in that part of the year we want to wear comfy clothes and enjoy our first sunny days of the year. Unfortunately this year is a little (can I say lot?) different. With this quarantine, the only chances I get to enjoy the sunshine are when I go for a walk with the dog. […]