Repurposing clothes with fun layers

Summer in Toronto
SHOP Tee + Dress
Summer in Toronto
SHOP Tee + Dress
Summer in Toronto
SHOP Tee + Dress

It’s not about the clothes but how we wear them. We can build different and fun outfits repurposing the same pieces we already own.

I love wearing dresses – especially in summer – but it can be a little tricky as they usually dominate the outfit. You can wear the same top with different bottoms and vice-versa and get fresh results several times. But that’s not true for dresses.

Well, the thing is: we can go a little further with some creativity. The easiest way is to wear your old dress as a new skirt but layering it with some top. The best options are the basic ones tees because you don’t risk being overdressed.

That day in the photo I thought it would be a good idea to add an extra layer to my striped dress with a basic mint t-shirt from my store. I love that tee because 1) it’s comfortable and breathable and 2) it adds a fun colour to the outfit.



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