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Steamed Oysters: The Perfect Recipe To Enjoy By The End Of Summer

I love steaming oysters because 1) I love steamed oysters and 2) is the easiest way to make oysters at home. Much is said about the risk of eating raw oysters as oysters may contain bacteria that are harmful to anyone who eats them or may even kill others with a pre-disposition to some diseases. […]

Spritzer: This Summer’s Most Refreshing, Easy-To-Make Drink

This summer has been very hot around here, and to be honest, I have loved it because it has helped me to be creative in making foods and drinks for high temperatures. So when Gerolsteiner Sparkling Water Invited me to an Instagram partner, the first thing I thought of was creating a refreshing drink that could be […]

Sparkling Hibiscus Sangria with Berries

Raise your hand who loves sangria! 🤚 If I had asked this question a few weeks ago, I would not have raised my hand myself. But as I told this postWe had a brunch at Hunters Landing and decided to try the sangria. That’s right, I had never tried it! The idea of ​​chilled fruit wine never […]

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