What I wore: my first Fall outfit (kind of)


We try to deny it, but there’s always a time when the breeze is more than just a “summer breeze” and we have to start to incorporate fall pieces into our outfits.

For me this time was last Sunday. We had brunch in Downtown Toronto, as usual, but I couldn’t wear a sleeveless top as I was feeling the cold on my arms. I could resist wearing pants, at least. God knows for how long…

So, for the first time, I wore a garment from my shop’s Fall 2019 Collection and, to be honest, I was excited for it! I’ve been working on this collection for a long time now and it’s finally here!

This top is perfect for this time of the year because it has long sleeves but it’s not made of warm material. Actually, it’s very thin, which makes it ideal for those days when the breeze is cold in shadow areas but you can still feel the warm sunlight.


I wore it with a white top (the white part is sheer) and denim shorts. To complete my outfit, I had my Oscar de la Renta Sunglasses, Michael Kors Tote and Ralph Lauren loafers.


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