Fall 2019 Collection: Exactly what I’m going to wear this season

Fall is here! At least in my closet… I know we’re still technically in the summer now, but it’s time to let it go and start planning for our fall. And I like to start with my wardrobe.

I made a great selection of pieces for the Picked by Lu Fall 2019 Collection, but as always, I got my favourite ones into my own closet. I spent some time thinking about the weather, the occasions, the trends… and came up with 11 garments I should have in the first row of my closet.

To show you how cool this collection is, I recorded this Lookbook Video, showcasing all the pieces I got for me:

If you want, you can visit my shop to browse the entire collection or you can buy any piece featured on the video without leaving this post. Everything is listed below:

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