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Dipping Powder Nails at Home (with video)

One of the “luxuries” I had before all this quarantine was going to the salon to do my nails. Now I have to make some magic, especially because I have zero skills for doing nails. Really, I suck! But I had to do something. I ordered a dipping powder starter kit from Amazon and watched […]

DIY open back fall sweater

There are some classic items for each season. So needed that sometimes it can be boring. Let’s face it: we get excited when it’s time to start using sweaters but after some weeks we can’t stand them anymore. Especially if you have a lot of basic ones. That’s why this DIY is so useful, besides […]

How I made my first layered cake

I love challenges. I love trying new things that seem hard to do. I’m one of those who can spend hours at Pinterest filling their mind with crazy ideas and trying to do things just because they want to do things, without necessarily having to do those things. So last week I had one of those unnecessary […]

How To Make Scrunchies At Home | Easy and simple DIY

The scrunchies are back! If you lived the years 80s and 90s you must remember them, they were all over the place! And with this fashion revival, of course they had to go back. I love it because I think they embellish a lot more than a regular hair band and gain a fashion accessory […]

Capinhas Personalizadas de Celular: como fazer em casa

Você já sonhou em poder usar uma capinha de celular por dia e nunca ter que repetir? Sairia muito caro, né? E se eu te mostrar um passo a passo super simples (e baratíssimo!) que lhe dará a oportunidade de fazer infinitas capas de celular em casa gastando quase nada? Sério, é tão simples que […]