Why I’m in love with this color block puffer jacket

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My boutique’s name – Picked by Lu – says a lot about it: it’s a selection of items I think it’s worth having in our wardrobe. And as I personally pick everything that is in store, I can say I’m kind of in love with every item.

But of course there are some products that become my favourites and you can easily spot them because they’re always in my photos. This color block puffer jacket is one of them.

Toronto Lifestyle Blogger

Since its arrival I’m wearing it all the time and it’s not for nothing. It’s warm and yet fun!

This time of the year we start to use the same coats and jackets and that’s normal. Wearing black or brown is so much simpler and can make our outfit choices easier. But you can relate when I say sometimes it just gets boring, right?

Toronto Lifestyle Blogger

So having a colourful item can really make my day. Some would say it’s more suitable for Spring/Summer but I would reply who says it??? I find it important to try to “take the weight of winter off”(does it make sense?), especially here in Toronto where we can face freezing temperatures for almost half of the year.

Take a look at my photos and you see how gray they would be if I was wearing a more “basic” jacket. Wearing colourful items has the same effect on our lives: it can make us feel the day a little more colourful.

Toronto Lifestyle Blogger
Toronto Lifestyle Blogger

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