Mirin-glazed salmon with sesame-black salt

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The recipes I make in my day-to-day life are from the GoodFood food subscription. Click here to get the same ingredients of my dishes at your home.

Last Saturday we walked all over the city as we hadn’t in a long time. I don’t know why, but lately we’re staying a lot at home on weekends. But you know Christmas time… we leave home with a plan but start to think “maybe we should buy this… maybe we should do that…” and only back home we realized we have walked more than 10 km!

On days like that I like to cook simpler dinners. Here at home we have this rule of fun Saturday nights so we go out to dinner or make something special at home together. But good meals don’t necessarily mean complicated meals.

Toronto Lifestyle Blogger

So I’m glad I had this kit from Good Food because it was the easiest choice. And salmon is the best protein to always have at home because 1) it’s easy and fast to cook 2) goes well with a variety of seasoning and 3) it’s beautiful (I know, this is not important, but I love the salmon color on a plate).

Toronto Lifestyle Blogger


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