New Lightroom Preset: Hot Hot Summer

I know you guys love it when I release new presets! I also know that this will be the most successful because since I started using it on my instagram (and also here on the blog) did not stop coming questions about it!

Well, after weeks of testing (I like to use the preset well to make sure it works on a wide variety of photos) I’m finally getting the preset available for sale.

You can now purchase the same preset I use on my Instagram photos! And it works on computer, Android and iPhone!

It’s very easy to apply it to your photos and the process (if we can call it process) takes just seconds.


To use it you need to have Adobe Lightroom installed on your computer (if you want to edit your photos on your computer) or on your phone. Remember that Lightroom Mobile is free and you can download it directly from your mobile app store. It works on both Android and iPhone.

All the photos I have posted both here and on Instagram were made with my iPhone XS Max and edited with the preset I am now making available for sale. See the before and after below:

Photos before preset application

Photos after preset application

I did not make any changes to any of the photos, I just applied the preset. This preset is designed to brighten your photos, but remember that you can adjust the brightness of your photos (less or more) and leave them exactly the way you want.

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