Kensington Market Toronto

It’s quite possible that you find lace a cute fabric. It’s also quite possible that you wore a lot of lace dresses as a child, but last weekend I came to the conclusion that the biggest virtue of lace is not being ‘cute’. From now on whenever I think about lace, the first thing that will come to my mind is “it’s the best fabric for summer!”

Have you ever stopped to think that its “holes” work like air vents and help our skin breathe when it’s too hot?

Unfortunately I only have one blouse (pictured), but from now on I will buy more because it has become my favorite fabric for this time of year.

Kensington Market Toronto

We went to the Kensington Market in downtown Toronto, and I can’t even explain how hot it was that day. A mixture of high temperature with high humidity. Do you know those days when it rains for a few minutes and then it seems the air got even heavier? So you know what I’m talking about.

I trusted in this lace blouse (from my store Picked by Lu ?) and managed to survive the hot day.

I matched the piece with H&M denim shortsRay Ban glassesMichael Kors bag espadrilles.


By the way, we need to talk about espadrilles! I have loved wearing them this summer. They are super comfortable for walking around the city (my favorite activity at this time of year) and fresh, despite their closed fingertips. If you’re after good summer shoes that don’t warm your foot but don’t show your toes (for those days when we didn’t have time for pedicure ) try espadrilles!

Here is a selection of my favorites:

Kensington Market Toronto
Kensington Market Toronto
Kensington Market Toronto


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