What I wore: Floral blouse for an intense hot day

Outfit of the Day

What’s the best way to dress for a hot summer day? No mystery: you simply choose the lighter pieces of your wardrobe!

Last weekend it was so hot we even had a high temperature alert here in Toronto. I still didn’t want to stay home. I would never waste a summer’s day, right?

Outfit of the Day

I opened my closet and started touching my clothes to find out which pieces were lighter. And that’s how I put on my look! Without thinking of colors, trends, nothing! Just choosing what would make me feel more comfortable at a temperature that passed 30ºC (86ºF).

The chosen blouse was one from my store that I had not yet worn. In addition to the fabric being super lightweight, it is off the shoulders, which helps to freshen up but still keeps the look tidy.


I wore an H&M shorts, Ardene sandals and Guess glasses. The handbag chosen was a Kate Spade satchel.



Outfit of the Day
Outfit of the Day


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