My first 24 hours as a blonde


Imagine waking up brunette (with very dark hair) in the morning and going to sleep completely blonde? Yeah, I decided to make a radical change and obviously tell the backstage to you!

I already wanted to be blonde long ago, but two things prevented me: 1) fear of not being able to take care of my hair and 2) fear of investing money in the transformation.

Definitely, getting blonde is not cheap. And keeping yourself blonde neither! I needed to make sure that once the process was done, I would have the time and money to keep my hair beautiful and healthy.

This was my hair before the transformation:


After much consideration, I finally made the final decision and got completely blonde. For this challenge I chose Evolve Hair Studioin Toronto because of their qualifications at Google. Who personally took care of my transformation was Mélanie Guillo (here’s her instagram). She had incredible patience, the whole process lasted XNUMX hours! I highly recommend her work.


Well, I was really determined to lighten my hair as much as I could and I had already researched a lot about care and etc. Still the hours following the change were quite different from what I imagined, so I think it would be interesting to share with you my first 24 hours as a blonde.

First hours

We know that the transformation will be great and even have an image in our heads of how it will be, but still the initial shock is great.

When you look in the mirror you don’t recognize yourself instantly. You keep looking for your face in the middle of those shiny hair to see if you can find yourself, lol.

My hair when I came back home

I instantly loved my new hair, but I still felt a bit insecure because, seriously, it looks like I’ve been turned into someone else! It’s a feeling I’ve never felt. When I came home it seemed like everyone on the street was looking at me because in my head I was a strange person.

After 3 hours

I got home and it was my husband’s turn to be surprised at the change. He also didn’t believe that I could change so drastically in a short time. Then he told me that he had trouble seeing me with his hair as well.

We decided to have dinner on the porch and it came to my first concern: could I expose my hair to the sun so soon? It’s amazing how we start to get worried about any detail simply because it’s a new situation.


I had no sunscreen for my hair at home, so I avoided being exposed to the sun for too long. At least it was the late afternoon sun, so it was not as bad as it would be around noon.

The next morning

I woke up at 5h in the morning as usual to go to the gym. The first thing I did when I woke up was to see if my hair was “alive” and yes, it was, but had already lost almost all the styling hey had done at the salon.

Only after several minutes of running, when my head was already sweaty, I remembered I could not wash my hair because I had not yet bought the appropriate shampoo.

In fact, the first thing that really changed in my life with blonde hair was the excessive worry about my hair, something I never had experienced. Before, I just washed with shampoo, put in some conditioner and dried with my Revlon brush-drier. Seriously, that was all! I didn’t use any special creams, masks, or anything.


Now I have to worry a lot more and the base of everything is shampoo. After all, if I start the routine with the right product, everything else becomes easier and my concern in recovering damaged hair decreases.

But I still had not bought the shampoo so when I got home I had to choose at Amazon and wait till the afternoon to receive it.

The main concern is to choose one that does not have sulfate, a substance that intensifies the yellow color in blond hair. My choice was the Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe Cool Blondes Tone Enhancing Bonding Shampoo.

Since it would still take a few hours to deliver the shampoo, I used dry shampoo, which to my surprise worked very well! My brown hair turned oily quickly and dry shampoo never helped me. There was no result.

So that’s where I learned the first big difference between brown and blond (dyed) hair: the hair gets much drier when you bleach it. I already knew that in theory, but in practice I was pretty scared. It’s like they’ve changed my hair!

Result: The hair stayed clean only with dry shampoo, even after an hour of intense exercise in the gym.

Dry shampoo I used:

The next night

I had an event that night that I could not miss. As time passed and the shampoo did not arrive I was more worried about how I would get ready to leave.

To my surprise I did not need to wash my hair because it looked (and was!) Clean.

I will not say that I went with the perfect hair because I did not style it. I was afraid to use anything with heat because … guess what … I had forgotten to buy the thermal protector too! So I went with my hair just combed, no blow-out, straightening process, nothing.

Outfit of the Day
Outfit and hair for the night event.

I started to think some clothes don’t go well anymore

Another surprise that you have is how you begin to have difficulty choosing clothes. I tried on a yellow blouse and found that my look was very strange because it was like everything was the same tone: yellow, lol.

When I wore a red blouse, I thought that both my hair and the piece were too flashy, so I ended up opting to wear a more neutral color.

I believe that over time this problem will pass, as I become used to the color of my hair. Of course I’ll tell you everything here, since with this post I start a series in a diary format to tell how my adaptation to the life of a blonde girl.



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