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We’re always wanting something we can’t have. And I have a lot of frustration in not having a home decorated with fresh flowers.

This happens for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I can’t keep them fresh for so long. I know if I took care of them a little more they would last more, but I don’t have time for it. Sometimes I don’t have time to even go to the market to get new flowers!

So when Enchanted Garden approached me to review their infinity rose box, I couldn’t be more excited. To be honest, I didn’t even know infinite roses existed and, if you don’t yet, here their perfect explanation:

“Infinity roses are real, natural roses that have been cultivated and picked at their optimal state from rose fields around the world. Once they have been harvested, they are treated with a proprietary solution, which keeps them preserved in their perfect state. After treatment, they continue to feel and look just like untreated roses and maintain their beauty, freshness and structure for years to come.”

Toronto Lifestyle Blogger

Yeah, girl, it can last years (1-3) with almost nothing of mantainience! You don’t even need to water it. Just be sure it’s not getting direct sunlight and gently take off the dust sometimes. It will make your home look beautiful as if you were getting fresh roses every single week!

As soon as I brought mine home I started testing where would be the best place for them. I was divided because they look perfect at my dining table, but at the same time I was needing some “live decoration” for my office. As I don’t have a room for it I use a den in my condo, so there’s almost no natural light in this ambience and plants or flowers can’t live there for too long. Having infinite roses there could bring some life to my daily work.

Toronto Lifestyle Blogger

What I like most is that you can see they’re real roses. It doesn’t look like paper or plastic ones, so it’s really the same as having fresh roses at home.

Toronto Lifestyle Blogger

They can’t be put out of the box, but at their website you can choose from a variety of containers and decide which is the best for your home. They come in a lot of different sizes as well and, even on a teddy bear shape (how cute is that???).

Toronto Lifestyle Blogger

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