The Good Man Pub: a nice patio with views of Toronto Waterfront

Summer in Toronto

Hubby and I always complain about not having as many places to go as we’d like here in Waterfront Toronto. We love our area and think the scenery here is stunning, yet it’s not easy to find places to enjoy the view while having a nice meal.

Yes, there are some, but not so many, I would say. I totally get it: the weather is not quite welcoming for most of the year, so it makes sense the restaurants don’t invest so much in patios around here.

When a couple of friends invited us to go to The Good Man Pub and Kitchen we jumped right in. First of all because we never say no to food and secondly because they have this beautiful patio with views to the water.

The vibe is the pub’s vibe. You can get good food and a variety of beers and other liquors. The day was so hot we ordered beer as soon as we sat down.

Summer in Toronto

To eat, I chose Masala Calamari ($16), with chickpea & rice flour coating, crisp slaw, garam masala, cilantro, spiced lemon aioli, spicy mango dip. To be honest, the weather was so hot I was not that hungry (can you believe it???) so the size was perfect for the day. I’d say it’s more like an appetizer but well done: crispy and rich in flavour.

Summer in Toronto

There’s no such thing as not being hungry for Cris ever so he ordered the Goodman Special Burger ($22), made with 100% Fresh Ontario chuck, breaded portobello mushroom, green leaf lettuce, Sriracha lime aioli, cheese, bacon, tomato, shoestring pickles. Let’s say it was the size of his hunger, lol.

Summer in Toronto


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