Outfit of the day: Nude Dress + Teddy Jacket

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How is your Fall being? Mine is just being great! Besides a lot of work because of Black Friday in the shop, I’ve been going out a lot and enjoying my favorite city: Toronto!

I know they say it’s sweater weather but, let’s face it: wearing sweaters this time of the year can be tricky here in Toronto. But I’m doing my best!

Actually I’m wearing a lot of sweater-dresses nowadays and I think it’s being fun. This will be my fifth winter here in Toronto and I’m glad I can enjoy the weather a little more. At the beginning – coming from a tropical country – it was hard for me to get used to the cold. I remember wearing only parka over hundreds of layers in my first winter!

Lifestyle Blogger Toronto

Now I feel more like a local and can wear a bigger variety of clothes, including dresses! Oh, my God, I never thought I could do it! lol


Buy anyway, this year I have some and I plan to wear them under coats. Most of them are wool made but I’m still wearing some made of less warm materials like this one in the photo.

I love its color (nude) because I can pair it with so many other items I got for this season, including this Teddy Jacket. Of course both are from my boutique!

Lifestyle Blogger Toronto



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