Our brunch at Ricarda’s


Ricarda’s serves one of the most trendy brunches in Toronto. It’s a shame we have never been there to taste it. And, of course, to tell you everything about it!

Last Saturday, for the first time you knew in advance where we would go for brunch. My husband even made reservations during the week. This never happens, lol. But this one is a big deal. We once passed by and got curious about it. Then, we did some research and discovered it was a cool place to go on weekends.


As usual, Cris ordered Eggs Benedict (Bennys Corner $ 17) and said this one is in his Toronto top 3. He loved the english muffin and said the salmon was very fresh. Actually, you can choose between norwegian salmon, parisian ham and canadian peameal bacon.

As a side, it comes with a spinach salad, which is a good choice if you want a lighter breakfast (we did).


I ordered avocado toast with salmon ($ 18). It was wonderful, and as Cris dish, light as well. I liked the vinaigrette seasoning on my salad and had to agree with my husband: the salmon was one of fleshiest we ever had on brunches (we found good fresh salmon at Ascari as well).

It was prepared with sourdough bread, lemon ricotta cheese, candy cane beets, avocado, green apple and quail eggs.


We went on Saturday, but heard that on Sundays they have a buffet ($ 60) with live jazz music 😍. For what I discovered you can eat a variety of food, including fancy ones like raw oysters. We definitely have to try it!


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