What is smart casual dress code?

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The Smart Casual dress code has come to stay. And thank God because it’s one of my favourite dress codes! Why? Because it’s comfortable as a casual dress code but at the same time allows us to communicate our style in a variety of creative ways!

If you wanna know exactly what smart dress code is and how to incorporate it into your daily style, this post is for you!


The definition

As the name suggests, smart casual is a casual dress code with “something” more. This “something” more is what is going to make you look unique and add interest to your outfit.

So, it’s basically mixing basic pieces with bold ones.

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Denim Jacket

Still confused? Follow my 3 steps for a smart casual look:

The casual

Start putting something basic on. It can be a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a denim skirt… Try to avoid anything with too much detail or bold. The idea is to choose something that could be worn by anyone.

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Polka Dot Blouse + Snake Print Pants

The smart

Now it’s time to go a little further! Pair your basic piece with a more dressy one. Let’s say, if you’re wearing a pair of jeans, pair it with a more sophisticated blouse. If you got a white tee, wear it with silk skirts… you got it, right?

Outfit of the Day Toronto
Black Lace Blouse + Jeans

The final touch

Now that your smart casual look is almost complete, you can choose accessories to complement it. You can wear fine jewellery if you’re planning to attend an event or simply put some colourful or bold pieces on to add more interest to your outfit.

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Maybe the only trick part is choosing the shoes because “casual” is almost synonymous with comfortable, but the “smart” requires something a little tidier.

Black Pleated Skirt

I would say forget sneakers, unless they are specific ones, like designer editions. You can opt for comfortable heels: squared heels are perfect in this case! Another option is low-heeled shoes.

I have to confess, I struggled to understand this code at the beginning, but with some time I got really good at putting the pieces together in a smart casual way. I even created a 4-step hack to get dressed in less than 5 minutes everyday.

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