We had a Mexican Night at home

Week in Toronto

I miss eating in restaurants so badly, like so so badly! Eating is my favourite activity, especially in nice restaurants. So this quarantine hit me hard. It’s been so boring staying home when everything I want is only sitting on a table and enjoying a meal.

Something we’re doing to face this challenge is ordering from local restaurants and making themed nights, like our Mexican Friday Night. We ordered some dishes from La Carnita, set the table and enjoyed our stay-at-home-yet-feel-outside-date-nigh.

We enjoyed the food so much that we ordered again a few days later (post coming…). It was perfect to feel in a Mexican restaurant.

We ordered 1 dish each plus nachos with salsas. They had this deal that includes churros if order more than $20 in food.


My husband and I had the same choice: Crispy Shrimp / Cali Style Bowl ($13), prepared with Crispy Shrimp, Rice, Lettuce, Mango Salsa, Hot Sauce, Garlic Mayo, Pickled Chillies, Sesame Seeds.

It came kinda messy so it’s not that beautiful for the photo or how it would be in the restaurant but that’s ok. The shrimp were crispy and the salad fresh. I loved the mango salsa seasoning!

Besides, we ordered the Chips & Dips ($16): nachos with three different salsas: guacamole, pico de gallo and corn mixture. It was perfect because after eating our dishes we could enjoy some nachos while watching TV. I’d say it’s too much food for only two people, so we ate half on Friday and the rest on Saturday.

To finish our Mexican Night we had churros with dulce de leche. A-MA-ZING! The dough was tasty and the churros were dry and crispy. The dulce de leche had the perfect consistency (and taste!) to dip our churros in it. One of the best churros I ever had!

Week in Toronto

We really enjoyed our experience and our plans include ordering more food from local restaurants in an attempt to relieve the serious situation they’re facing right now. I strongly encourage you to do the same in your area as we have to stick together with our community.

Better days are coming, but until there let’s help each other!


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