(Video) How to style skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are my favorite! I think they’re so feminine and versatile that it would be perfect to be the first topic on my Youtube Channel. Yeah, now I’ll be posting videos on Youtube! Don’t forget to subscribe to be up to the date!

Now back to skinny jeans… here are my tips (and outfit inspirations) to help you dress with confidence:


Nothing more basic than a white tee with a pair of jeans. There’s no error with this one, right? But if you can go a little further you there are some things you can do.

The easiest thing to do is tuck the tee into the jeans. You can do it by only one side or even the entire top.


You can also tie your top, something really these days.

Do you feel like something is missing? A simple belt can drastically change your outfit.

Yep, accessories can be your best friends, like necklaces, for example! And let me prove it to you. Look, when I wear this one my outfit gets a romantic vibe. But if I change it to this one, it’s kinda more rock style.

Another way to elevate your basic outfit is by adding an additional layer. I love the combination of jeans and this waterfall outerwear.

The safe way

If you don’t feel entirely comfortable wearing skinny jeans, the best way to pair them is with a long length top. Actually it doesn’t have to be entirely long, you can wear something that is long only in the back. Or even tuck your top in the front.

That’s why I love this leopard blouse (from my store of course). I can tie it in the front, I can tuck it partially or even completely.

Bulky top

Skinny jeans are great to be worn with bulky tops as they create a balance in your outfit. As I love ruffles, I love skinny jeans. Look how beautiful it is with this top. I can even tuck it into my pants and make it look like a crop top.

This is another bulky top that goes perfectly with skinny jeans. As you can see I love ruffles! By the way, you can find a lot of styles like this one at my store.

Crop Top

If long length is the safest way to wear skinny jeans, crop tops are the boldest ones and I love it! It creates a feminine figure for sure! And let’s take a pause to admire this open back!


You can wear skinny jeans with almost any style of shoes. My favourite is with pumps because I think it’s such a feminine combination. You can wear both with a white tee and you look instantly fabulous!

But you can also wear it with more comfortable shoes, like loafers. This combination is perfect for daily activities.

A good way to elevate your style without compromising comfort is by wearing print shoes, like this snake print.

Or you can have fun with mules, they’re super trendy right now.

Skinny jeans with ankle boots are already a classic right? They go perfectly together and are good choices almost all year round. My tip here is always leave some bare skin between your boots and the end of the pants.

Another type of boot perfect for skinny jeans are the high rise ones. You can wear your skinny jeans as if they were leggings.


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