Our lunch at The Rex Hotel Jazz and Blues Club



I’ve already told you I love places where music and coffee come together. So you can imagine my reaction to a place where we can enjoy music and food! I wanted to visit The Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Club since the first time I saw it. I don’t recall when it was but my husband and I wore passing by and heard the jazz music coming from the inside. We were immediately intrigued.

Turns out, The Rex is a traditional jazz club in Toronto and it’s been running since 1951 (although the jazz started in the 1980’s). It’s the kind of place part of Toronto history.


Last Saturday we decided it was time to go there for brunch but soon discovered they only serve breakfast/lunch. By the time we got there (noon) they were about to start to serve the lunch menu. So it was ?.

We found that the menu is very affordable. I think we’re expecting a “new york jazz club price range” so it was a good surprise to realize this place is reasonable.


We both ordered steak and fries plate for $ 16.25 what it’s a pretty good deal, especially in Downtown Toronto, right?


Of course it’s not the best steak and fries you can get in the city (read my review here on Le Seléct Bistro and Cluny Bistro) but it was outstanding for the price. This time we opted for a beer instead of wine as we thought more suitable for a Saturday noon.

I don’t think we chose the right time to go because we missed the breakfast but at the same time it was kind of early for lunch. Although the show time was 12pm, the band delayed a little bit and I would say it’s better to sit around 12:45pm.


When the band started the place was empty (only 2 tables occupied besides ours) but suddenly people started to show up and, by the time we left, it was busy. I believe “the locals” know the “real schedule” better.

We want to go back there but this time later, maybe at night. It will be fun to stay at the bar enjoying the music with some drinks.


As for the music, It was unsurprising excellent. I’m glad we found a place where we can go often to listen to good music and it is also affordable. For sure it’s one of these classic Torontonian places that everyone has to go to at least once and yet it’s pleasant enough to go often.


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