Our brunch at Leña in Toronto


This fall we are all about exploring new brunches in Toronto. This time we went to Leña, a restaurant we already have been to but only for dinner.

Leña serves South American cuisine wicth means there is a lot of food I’m familiar with and other surprises for me.

To be honest, since the first time I went there I was excited to taste Argentinian dishes, maybe my favorites in the whole world. Leña interpretations are not traditional but still delicious.

But even before you taste their food you’re already impressed with the place. It is set in a Toronto historical building that once was Hudson Bay department store (now Sacks) and it embrances the local art deco architecture. It feels luxurious and, in reality, it really is.


For this brunch I had the Breakfast Beef Empanadas, a creative version of Eggs Benedict. Instead of english muffin they serve poached eggs over beef empanadas (what a ridiculously great idea!). They replace the hollandese sauce with chimichurri and it comes with griddled potatoes. I loved it!


Cris ordered the same dish. We started with black coffee but finished our brunch with a glass of cava. I totally recommend it!

As I told you before, we use to just walk around downtown on weekends trying to find a place for brunch, but this time we made reservations and I recommend you to do the same as this place can get really busy.


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