O&B Canteen: a new favourite in the heart of Downtown

Summer in Toronto

Last Sunday we went to O&B Canteen for our brunch. It’s interesting how we pass by this place so often and we’ve never eaten there. I guess it was about time!

O&B Canteen is a casual restaurant owned by Chef Michael Bonacini and has the renowned Chef Dawoon Chae leading the kitchen. And that makes all the difference!

The difference between a delicious food and a superb dish can be found in only one bite. I realized that when I got a slice of radish (only a slice of radish) from my plate and put it in my mouth. The flavour I could feel was unbelievable. On that tiny bite all the seasoning made sense to me.

Of course I had more than a radish. I ordered the Avocado Toast ($13) with smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, pickled red onion, radish and multigrain toast, plus smoked salmon (+$3) and poached eggs (+$3).

Summer in Toronto

I know it sounds like a lot of food and yes, it was. Sometimes you order avocado toast and get so little food and as I was starving I ordered too much.

Summer in Toronto

Well, I ate everything, lol. It was delicious! As i mentioned, the seasoning is from another world. It tasted so fresh and I couldn’t believe it was just an avocado toast.

Cris chose Smoked Salmon & Spinach Benny ($18) with english muffin, hollandaise and home fries. Again, a classic so well seasoned that it makes you feel like you’re eating it for the first time.

Summer in Toronto

I regret every time we passed by and ignored this restaurant. We will definitely go back there. By the way, they have a Grab & Go counter and as we walk a lot in that area, I’m pretty sure we’re gonna try some goodies from there!

Summer in Toronto

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